FRP Proprietary Cooling Tower Structure

FRP Structure with Patented Connections

Post date: 04-03-2015

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FRP Structure with Patented Connections

Shown here is the interior of a Phoenix counterflow cell at basin level. The corrugated FRP partition wall separates the two cell sections,Fill is bottom-supported by polyurethane resin lintels, a fill support system rated for both PVC and tile fill.The beam and column connection shown top center illustratespatented structural connection system utilizing minimal hardware.The endwall shown at right is double-wall panel.

Patented Structure Connections and Fill Support

Engineered Exclusively for Cooling Tower Use

Not only are Phoenix components designed exclusively for cooling tower use,

they are engineered for specific functions within the cooling tower structure.

Each component is designed to interface with other components.

  • No piers required
  • Column spacing up to 15 feet
  • Flame spread rating of 15 or less
  • Wind load designed up to 150 mph
  • Structural members exceed OSHA 5000 pound anchor point requirement
  • Meets international building codes
  • Meets California and Florida building codes
  • Meets hospital building codes

Totally Non-Corrosive Structure

Custom pultruded fiberglass members are Class I fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

Wide Column Spacing

Allows for use of lifts for safe and fast installation. Also allows easier basin cleaning and maintenance and inspection of tower components.


Ease of Basin Cleaning

Wide column spacing creates open basin floors that are easier to clean and maintain.

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